The most effective ways to get more YouTube Views

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site that is also the 2nd largest search engine. It is a widely used medium to entertain, educate other with the promotion of brands too. About 22 billion people around the world visit YouTube on monthly basis. More views and watch time is the important factor for getting popularity and marketing your brand on YouTube. Most of the marketers buy YouTube likes and likes in the hope of getting more views on their videos. Here we will discuss some ways that are more effective when it comes to getting more YouTube views.

  1. YouTube video transcripts is a great way to get more views because using video transcript your video will display at the top of the search engine results. Your keywords are also indexed in the search engine.
  2. Add your YouTube video popup window on your blog. For this exact purpose, this video lightbox tool.
  3. Write detailed video description that should be between 300-500 words. Your description is an important factor when it comes to secure the top place in the search engine results.
  4. Use relevant tags generously. Use the keyword tags first as it is believed that YouTube gives more importance to the primary tags.
  5. If you want to better video ranking in the search results of Google, use word video in the title of your video. Although, it won’t help you with YouTube search page rankings.
  6. Don’t forget to promote your channel with your videos. Don’t only promote your videos. For example, when the ranking of the site will be increased, it will also benefit the website pages too and vice versa. Similarly, your video rankings increase as the authority of your YouTube channel increases.
  7. Don’t focus on quantity. Always prefer on quality. From time to time remove your unsuccessful videos to keep your channel alluring.
  8. If you want to stand out from the competition in the search results, create the custom thumbnail that should be appealing and eye-catching.
  9. Transcribe your most watched videos in multi-language. This tactic will work well when you are targeting an audience in more languages and countries. It will help you better chances of ranking for multi-language search results.
  10. Create a thumbnail image that contains close-up photos, it may be more appealing in the search queries. For detailed photos, use the expanded image in the thumbnail.
  11. Mention your video on your website periodically. You can mention casually in your blog post, “Hi, this is my new video about this topic”. This tactic is helpful for gaining more views and better visibility.
  12. Buy YouTube views can also help you to get more views within a few days that will increase the ranking of your video.
  13. Include subtitles and captions to your videos. Add more relevant keywords that will help you to secure the top place in the Google and YouTube search results. Search engines (Google and YouTube) also use your subtitles, tags, and keywords to find out what your videos are about.