Custom playing cards

Is amazon a good source to buy Custom playing cards

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 and it is based out of Seattle,Washington.
Amazon is the largest online shopping websites in the world.The site has expanded to sell furniture,electronics,apparel and many more things.Amazon users can purchase and sell items by using it’s online marketplace system.Amazon made it’s headway in the online market because of it’s delivery of services and it’s customer satisfaction.The company gives people a state of comfort by delivering products door to door.


when you shop online you face a headache of paying the delivery charges in addition to your purchase.Delivery time is about 5-6 days which is an upsetting fact.Amazon now provides you with better services than before.

In amazon’s new proposal,you can buy anything of your choice without paying an extra penny for it’s delivery.
You will receive your order in accelerating two-days,this delivery time is for almost millions of items present in the store.
Amazon’s new feature makes you a super customer of amazon.You will be provided with the lighting deals,this way you will treated as an elite member of the circle.
You will be able to grab all deals 30 minutes before everybody else.Exclusive offers are available in lighting deals.There is a remarkable cut down on articles prices which are of daily use.
The items that are included in these deals are fashion,smartphones,grocery,laptops,and many more things.
Amazon makes it easy for you to search merchandise you want to buy.
You can easily search for specific merchandise that includes size,color,model number, and style that you wish to buy.
You can also check the availability of the product which makes shopping easier.


Amazon has a lot of advantages for its customers but it can have many disadvantages.
As a buyer you can’t see or touch the product until it’s been delivered to you, this means that there is a good chance that the product is a bit different than what you were expecting.
Amazon may only control a small portion of the grocery business in the world, but with its recent purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon is threatening both small and large supermarket chains.
Many grocery stores took a big hit in their sales and saw the value of their shares being dropped.
This doesn’t just hurts the store owners but also the staff that is working in these stores as some of them might get fired because the store is trying to cut off some costs.
Amazon is not just hurting supermarkets, it’s hurting all sorts of businesses including electronic stores, stationary stores, clothing brands, sports shops and shoe stores.
Many brands have closed some of their stores because of Amazon resulting in a lot of people being unemployed. Stores like Borders, Circuit City, Tower Records, and Musicland have all been shut down completely because of Amazon.


Amazon is a innovative company that creates and manufactures many products.
Amazon also produces custom playing cards and it is one of the best sellers of playing cards.
You can find custom playing cards at lowest prices.Though Amazon provides an amazing service to its buyers but it also hurts a lot of other businesses and in some cases even its sellers, so to be very bold, I would consider buying products from Amazon as a selfish act.