How to beat new Instagram algorithm and get real Instagram followers

Everyone has been victimized by the new algorithm of Instagram. Thanks to the new Instagram updates, only ten percent people can see your post that means less engagement, less post reach, and no new followers. In this post, we will discuss how to beat this new Instagram’ algorithm and get real Instagram followers

  • Drive engagement by commenting back within one hour: When you post a photo or video, engage your followers by responding them on their comments within one hour. It will not only boost your post engagement but also appear more in the newsfeed of your followers.
  • Don’t edit your geotags and captions for 24 hours: There are more chances that your post will not appear in explore tab when you edit the location tags or caption.
  • Don’t delete the post: When you delete your posts and repost them, it will not appear in the search results.
  • Don’t use all 30 hashtags with one post: However, you can use up to thirty hashtags with the single post but it is considered as spam and keep your post reach low. It is good to use 5 unique hashtags with each post.
  • Do not use the same hashtags again: Always remember this rule that doesn’t use the same hashtags with one post because it will look like you are a spammer and fewer people can be able to see your posts.
  • Post your hashtags in the comments & captions: According to experts, it doesn’t matters that either you use hashtags in comments or captions. You can try it out yourself and see which work best for you. I don’t think it honestly matters. Sometimes posting hashtags on comments consider as spam, try to stay away from doing it.
  • Post more to gain more followers: It is a risky option to post more but you can take risks and work harder to increase your post engagement. As only 10 % of your audience cans see your posts. When you post more often, there are more chances to reach a number of people every day. For instance, if you share post three times a day, then you can reach about 25 % of your audience rather than 10 percent when more users can see your content, the more people will engage with your posts. Instagram will boost your post that increases the chances of getting real following when you buy Instagram followers.
  • Add location-based tags with each post: When you add location-based tags with your posts, Instagram will show your post in the location page of that place means more people will see your posts. If you are in Barcelona, you can post the photo and add geotags. When people will search this hashtag on Instagram, they will likely to see your post on the location page of Barcelona. It will boost your post engagement and help you to get real Instagram followers. Even if you are outside and take a shot, share it with your followers and add geotags with it.