Cuban Chains

Girls Love Cuban Chains: Opportunity to Sell via Social Media & Internet

Why girls love CUBAN CHAINS

What is a chain?

A series of linked identical pieces made out of metal, plastic or any other material is called a chain. Usually the pieces are in the shape of rings but they can also be in the form of a sphere or any other shape.

Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains, which are also known as the Miami link chains are chains with an exclusive interlink between the pieces which causes even the thinnest of the links to appear big enough.          Cuban chains are available in a variety of different materials starting from 10K , 14K  & 18k Yellow gold, and going up to White and Rose gold. Some Cuban chains are also made from platinum. These chains are often combined with a pendulant of one’s choice. Just like most of the high value jewelry, Cuban chains are very strong and usually last a lifetime. Though some of the very huge Cuban chains worn by some celebrities seemed a tad too much for most people but if used in moderation, these chains can look very exquisite and can serve as a fine fashion statement.

History of Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link Chains are the product of the hip-hop jewelry movement that started in the late 20th century. In fact, even today Cuban link chains are considered to be a part of the Hip Hop industry but the truth is that the exact origin of the Cuban link chains is still tough to determine, despite the fact that many hip-pop celebrities claim to have played a vital role in bringing Cuban link chains into the fashion industry. The only sure thing is that the exponential rise in the popularity of the Cuban link chains started in the year 2012 and have been continuing to rise ever since.

In today’s Market

The Cuban link chain is in high demand nowadays. It is pretty similar to other types of gold chains but with the unique interlocking pattern that make the chain look more attractive. The link pattern can be stretched into longer or oval shapes which transforms the look entirely. Since its invention and also to this day Cuban chain link is a classic gift to be given for various occasions, such as birthday, marriage anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

Because of the so many different designs and variety in the building materials, many celebrities tend to have their very own collection of Cuban link chains

The standardized lengths for the Cuban link chain usually goes from 16 Inches to 36, and in some cases even 40 Inches.

Production types

Most of the Cuban link chains are Mass produced and are not made for a specific wearer, instead, it is created to appeal the bulk of the people. Chains made with the use of a machine are often less reliable as the joints are not as tight or as thick as compared to a handmade Cuban link chain. Furthermore, the machine-made chains are not welded completely which can make them bend easily or worse, it can cause them to break if worn frequently.

The Handmade Cuban link chains on the other hand are considered as art pieces. They are one of a kind and you don’t have to worry about someone else ending up with the same piece as you.

The Cuban link chains started out as men’s wear but today, they’re probably more popular among women because of their frequent use by celebrities in public events and also in their private life.