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What is CPC training and 5 important points about it


Certificate of professional competence (CPC) is actually the license that is provided to a passenger’s bus, lorry drivers and heavy truck drivers. To get the Certificate of professional competence the government have provided some set of test which have to pass. The sequence of the tests are also provided by the government. Once you have passed all the tests soon you have provided the CPC. To pass all the tests you must have done a CPC training. Many institutes are built in every country to train the drivers. The best institute you choose the best training you get while the duration of the course depends upon the amount of fee you have paid to institute for the course. While the CPC training is classified for two groups;

  1. New drivers
  2. Existing drivers
  3. New Drivers

When you are going to train as a driver and you have no experience of driving for a heavy vehicle you have to work hard to get trained. You have to pass the different tests to get CPC. The details of those tests are

  1. Theory test
  2. Threat Awareness test
  3. Driving Ability test(practical)
  4. Vehicle’s safety explanation test
  5. Existing drivers

If you already have an HV license and you are already driving a bus or a heavy truck you do not have any needs to pass the initial tests. You just have to take a periodic training after every 5 years. The training days are round about 35 days. The periodic training is provided to renew your CPC license.

Important points about CPC

Some important points about getting the CPC training are given below

  • Theory test

The first thing that comes in the sequence of tests for the new person is the theory test. Theory test includes the multiple choice questions. The questions are related to the driving rules and the operations of a driver. The theory section is very important to pass out as you are not able to give the next test before passing it. Multiple choice questions are of 100 marks. There are also some personal questions are asked in it.

  • Threat Awareness test

Here comes the second section of the training, threat awareness test. In this section the senses of the driver is judged by creating a same difficult conditions. In this step they just need to know that what driver does in the hour of difficulty. At this part you are provided by 15 hazards clip, while the every clip has many no of hazards and you must have to get 70% of this test.

  • Driving ability test

In driving ability test you have to drive a vehicle for at least one and half hour on public highway. This test is the most difficult task of the initial training.

  • Vehicle demonstration

In this part of CPC training you do not have to drive any type of vehicle while you to tell about the interaction of the driver with the vehicle. It also demonstrate about the safety measurements of the vehicle.

  • Periodic training

The periodic training is done by the existing drivers. This training is taken by them for about 35 days in a 5 years to renew the CPC.