Addition Of New Twitter Camera Layout Give A Joy To Users

Mostly used app called Twitter

Twitter is one of the widely used and popular apps that are also mainly used by the celebrities. They consider Twitter to be their platform for their messages to be conveyed to the world. Recently, it has gone through changes that were user friendly, like addition of more words in a tweet. Hashtags and different trends make it more interesting to use. Followers on Twitter randomly share their thoughts and give feedback. The app literally keeps us updated about anything going on in the world, from politics, sports, to entertainment stuff. You can comment on whatever the post you like, and give your feedback.

New Twitter Camera Layout

An interesting addition has been made in Twitter app. The new camera option has been recently launched. The newly made changes have enabled the users to swipe left into a new capture flow. Also, users are allowed to incorporate colorful and amazing overlays to their pictures. Twitter app is also coming up with a new display for such material to the web version of the app that utilizes the similar overlay design, and also brings about the related conversation into another window.

Benefits of the new design

This new layout provides all the tweets a particular, and a dedicated emphasis along with an accompanying tweet that is easier to follow. It now appears at the side of the image rather than appearing underneath. The bold and big design will definitely catch people’s attention with more feeds and traffic coming up. Thus, this feature makes the whole thing stand out.

Implications of the new format in Twitter

The implications of the new design are interesting to consider. The breakout format that is also applicable to the mobile version of the application, also lends itself to Stories-like layout. For instance, in case of adding many pictures and video clips to a tweet, which could be swiped through by the user, with the whole thread of responses queued along the side, gaining more attention and engagement.

It is noticed that the Twitter app didn’t go for ‘full Stories’ with its newly introduced camera tool, but it could be another step towards that direction, making things even with the trends of the users, and probably aiding to enhance communication and engagement. Provided all this, it does make sense for the app to do so.

At the current stage, it is unclear regarding the plans of the Twitter app for its camera, but the new transition undoubtedly brings an entire new imagery emphasis, and a new factor to the conventional tweet process that was more focused on the text. These are early phases of the change, but it does appear to be a major shift for the app in a broader sense.

With the new changes, Twitter is growing and developing itself for making it friendly and convenient for its users. It’s trying to keep up with the demands and trends of the users, and thus making it more interesting to use.

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