Pay as you wish

Besides being the first ever forum for social change and education through open empathy in Eastern Europe, EMPATHEAST will also be a bold economic experiment. For the first time an event of this magnitude will be on the "Pay as you wish" principle and the organizers from “Ideas Factory” association want to prove that despite the skepticism the principles of solidary economy are fully applicable in Bulgaria.

"In order to talk about social innovation we must be ready to take the path of risk", shares the team of the Factory. They are positive that the first implemented change is establishing a system of trust like this, where everyone will be able to decide how much to pay compared to the feeling and the knowledge that he accumulated during the forum.

The visitors of the three-day interdisciplinary experience of lectures, performances and workshops must register in advance on the website of the event. As the places are limited, the specially selected questions that seek "your Super Power" and the “socially innovative" ideas, will be sift out the potential visionaries who will put Bulgaria on the world map of social entrepreneurship.


Art Innovation Challenge

EMPATHEAST and "Ideas Factory" throw the glove at the artists with the ART INNOVATION CHALLENGE – a competition that provokes artists and creative people to create innovative and feasible solution for changing the urban environment following the theme "Collective intelligence."

The registration for the challenge is already underway and is active until 3 November 2014. The enrolled teams will be sent to an unexpected location in Plovdiv. The aim is through the language of art - performance, installation, exhibition, actions or play to stimulate the collective intelligence and to involve a  maximum number of people in creating a shared vision for change in the urban environment.

The Art Innovation winners will be announced as early as November 8 when they will start working on their ideas in order for them to happen during EMPATHEAST.